Seduction book – Learn how to approach, seduce and attract sexy women

Seduction4Idiot is a seduction book for all of them who don’t have any idea how to approach or flirt with a beautiful and sexy woman.

This seduction book is an interview with five bombshell women which discover the most hidden parts of a woman’s mind, body and senses. Each of them tell you what is what in the game of seduction, attraction, anticipation and bedroom teases that lead to the ultimate showdown in no time, from the women’s point of view.

If you think that you must be loaded with cash, have perfect hair and teeth, big muscles etc, to be irresistible to gorgeous women then you are wrong. This is what this seduction guide will teach you. It will show you how to manipulate and influence the game in your favor.

This seduction book is a break down of the female mind and will show you how to get in it faster then a Ferrari.

The Seduction4Idiots book will teach you:

  • How to stop being alone and spend a portion of your day in public and how to become the man that all women go crazy for.
  • How to get rid of your nerves easily and how to get those nerves working for you to melt any woman you choose.
  • How to eliminate the fear or rejection and make rejection work in your favor.
  • How to say no to women, stop letting them run games around you and learn how to get them lined up for some of your ‘good loving’.
  • How to approach, engage, entertain, use seductive non-threatening communication, and follow up with her phone or email all within 4 minutes.
  • How to stimulate a woman’s sense or soft spots or you will end up in the ‘friends only’ zone in no time.
  • Approaches that make her yours instantly.
  • How long a woman usually waits, what it takes to break down the barriers from the moment she meet a man and how to keep them interested in the bedroom.
  • New dirty and deep topics like: incremental mind control, black hat seduction, instinctual influence, hypnotic condition, first power impressions, seducing the seducer without knowing it, natural scent release and injection etc.
  • And much much more…

If you want to explode your sex life and bring bombshell women to their knees begging you for dates, even if you are ugly fat or broke, then grab a copy of this seduction book.


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